Thematic of 30th anniversary
30 Years of Dream Building
With 30 years of dream building, A+E Design has been developing and making progress with clients in the progress of city development and industry upgrading.
In 1979, following the Reform and Opening-up Policy, a group of 16 people from China Electronics Engineering Design Institute came to Shenzhen and became the forthgoers and pioneers of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone construction; in 1983, China Electronics Engineering Design Institute (Shenzhen Branch) was officially formed and became the predecessor of A+E Design which thanks to the constant efforts of employees of that generation became the leader in the field of electronic andarchitectural design in Shenzhen; In 1998, it took the lead in restructuring to be a design corporation in which its key staff own stock with China Electronics Engineering Design Institute as the controlling shareholder, which activated the system and propelled the fast development of the corporation; in 2008, under the requirement of transformational development, it was renamed as “Shenzhen A+E Design Co., Ltd.” in memory of its past and looking forward to its future, with “innovation, cooperation, and the pursuit of excellence” as its core values and “professionalization, regionalization, integration” its development strategy, while strengthening the ability of the core design service for the four business segments: high-rise buildings, high-tech buildings, commercial buildings and residential buildings. 
“Build cities with wisdom,and build dreams with passion” , for the past 30 years, following the trend of the times and with constant mind emancipation, creation and innovation, A+E Design has achieved a series of excellent projects such as the East Pacific Center (308 meters), the Aerial Huaxi Village  (328 meters), CSOT(China Star Optoelectronics Technology)TFT-LCD 8.5G Production Line, Grand Parkway, One Honey Lake Villa etc. Standing at a new historical starting point, as a “national high-tech enterprise” and a “Shenzhen key cultural enterprise”, A+E Design will always adhere to its "customer-centric” service principle and uphold innovative spirit of persevering efforts and energetic development to guide the industry and create value with wisdom — to guide industry upgrading, propel city development, build city images and achieve city dreams!
General Manager Zhou Dongliang
《 30 Years of Dream Building 》Volume List
+Congratulations on 30th Anniversary
As time goes by and society evolves, history records the glory of the city as well as the development of A+E Design. With thirty years of trials and hardships, standing at a new starting point, A+E Design has become more mature and confident. Being well-prepared, A+E Design will build the future...
+The Beginning of Dreams
Thirty years of great reforms, thirty years of pioneering work. Answering the times’ call, A+E Design takes root in Shenzhen and pursues dreams on this land, dedicating youth and wisdom, reforming and developing for faster, grander and more glories in the spring breeze of reform...
+Building Dreams
“Once the dream into action, will become sacred.” With dreams, A+E Design has set sail from Shenzhen and put its footprints all over the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Bohai economic circle over the past 30 years. With dreams, A+E Design has created the “4+1” strategic pattern...
+Dreams Come True
Sowing and harvesting along the way. A+E Design has been courageous to surpass itself in order to achieve great glories. Attractive are the dreams, there are inexhaustible powers in A+E Design to achieve innovation and excellence.
+Dreams for New Heights
“This is a land of possibility. The only meaningful compass here is continuous improvement, which is taken for granted as the rising of sun.” For the last thirty years, in Shenzhen, the city of dreams, A+E Design has built its own idealism and passionate dreams, combining inheritance and innovation...